What are our customers saying?

With every company telling you their service is “the best”, isn’t it difficult to tell who is really telling the truth? Would it help if you could get feedback from hundreds of their customers? SecureOne Outsource Solutions was so confident in the quality of our service that we asked our customers what they thought…and the answers speak for themselves!

We believe the secret to our success, and yours, lies in our consultative mindset. Working closely with you to uncover your needs and goals, we methodically create a customized plan that gets you where you want to go. Unlike some of our ‘hit and run’ competitors, for whom quality appears to be a "non-issue", we’ll work with you over the long term for results that are targeted…efficient…and affordable. Our clients agree that our passion for excellence and commitment to your needs is a surefire method for success. Here’s just some of what they had to say:

1. Please rate your satisfaction in each of the following areas:

Customer Satisfaction Graph

2. Would you recommend SecureOne to other companies?

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3. What do you like best about working with SecureOne?

  • “I don’t spend time worrying about my data and when it is going to be returned. Everything is like clockwork.”
  • “I really enjoy working with Nelson and Tony. I like the quality of work that SecureOne constantly provides. I like the quick response whenever we need something taken care of.”
  • “I like being able to pick up the phone and talk to someone and get an immediate answer.”
  • “SecureOne folks are professional, highly competent and responsive.”
  • “SecureOne is very responsive to addressing any identified issues and is very flexible and prompt to take on new jobs.”
  • “The communication is great and we are impressed with the level of security for our documents and data.”
  • “SecureOne is so easy to work with.”
  • “With all our new projects, SecureOne has taken on the additional data entry with a sense of being on the team. I know I can call with any concerns and I feel we have an excellent rapport.”
  • “Friendly, competent and speedy. Excellent support and communication.”
  • “The best thing we ever did was give our project to SecureOne. All our problems went away. It is a blessing working with your company.”
We’d love to welcome you as a satisfied, loyal customer. Please contact us for a thoughtful, in-depth discussion of your needs.