SecureOne Process

Working with SecureOne

SecureOne believes in well thought out, time tested and consistent processes that lead to the desired results without creating layers of work for our customers. All you have to do is tell us about your project and be available to answer some questions and provide feedback. Here is what you can expect from SecureOne:

  1. Provide a written proposal

  2. Pilot project – for large volume or ongoing projects

    • Design and document the processes to be used
    • Configure and/or program any required software tools
    • Obtain sample documents and provide a test file
    • Evaluate the results against expectations and make any necessary adjustments

  3. Full production – follow the procedures developed in the pilot project and begin processing documents on a production basis. Depending on the project, full production may happen “all at once” or involve a ramp up period.

  4. Audit, Evaluation and Reinforcement – As we learn more about your project, SecureOne will continue to make improvements. SecureOne will also look to our customers for feedback on our performance and any items you may have on your “wish list”.

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