Lockbox and Caging

If your organization receives payments or accepts donations, SecureOne offers a highly secure and confidential lockbox/caging service. We use the latest technology in the remittance processing industry to accurately, rapidly and efficiently process payments or donations.

SecureOne enjoys working with nonprofits and wants to be a partner in the success of your mission. Many lockbox providers shy away from non-profit organizations because of the non-standard and customer specific requirements involved in donation processing but we are extremely adept in handling the “one offs” that always seem to occur with nonprofit projects.

SecureOne provides the following services:

  1. Daily pickup of mail at a new or existing post office box or receive mail swept from an existing PO Box.
  2. Open and sort out any mail requiring special handling. Special handling situations could include checks with correspondence, correspondence only, checks without a payment coupon or donation slip, unsigned checks and name or address changes.
  3. For control purposes, create batches of a manageable size.
  4. Scan the front and back of both the check and payment coupon or donation slip.
  5. Electronically read or manually data enter the MICR encoded information contained on the check (bank routing number, bank account number and check number).
  6. Electronically read or manually data enter the OCR line or other information (including handwritten) on the payment coupon or donation slip.
  7. Endorse the check.
  8. Use CAR/LAR to recognize the check amount.
  9. Manually verifying the check amount until the same amount is entered two times in a row.
  10. Process the batch and create deposit slips.
  11. Deposit payments within 24 to 48 hours. SecureOne has the capabilities to either deposit paper checks or make deposits electronically to any USA based bank. For non-profit customers, SecureOne works with a bank willing to waive most fees including per item and per deposit fees.
  12. Create one or more customer defined output files and associated reports for distribution via e-mail or a password protected FTP site.
  13. SecureOne will retain the scanned images and physical documents in accordance with a schedule worked out with the customer. The disposition of physical documents will be as instructed by the customer.
  14. Provide additional data entry as requested by the customer.

As part of the process of setting up a new lockbox customer, a set of custom reports is developed. For non-profit accounts, this might be a campaign report listing the dollar amount received by solicitation campaign or mailing. Report options will usually include a date range and the ability to run the report for a particular chapter or location. SecureOne also offers standard reports such as a deposit report and a deposit detail report.

A customer account can be set up to allow images of the checks and the payment coupons or donation slips to be displayed via the Internet using a standard web browser such as Internet Explorer. Representatives with an authorized user name and password will be able to search on a multitude of parameters including account number, check number, bank account information, amount, date, etc. PDF files of the images can be immediately created and sent as email attachments to handle customer service issues and inquiries. Alternatively, the images and the ability to search on the above parameters could be provided on CD-ROM.

SecureOne has lockbox and caging experience working with non-profit organizations such as the American Lung Association, United Way and the SPCA of Texas. Since non-profit accounts have some of the most non-standard and customer specific requirements in the remittance industry, this experience has allowed SecureOne to develop processes and procedures that meet and exceed the expectations a customer has for their lockbox and data entry vendor.