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SecureOne designs quality into the data entry process by rigorously defining the business rules for each field in a record.

We make use of programming techniques such as field and file edits. Our USA operators randomly verify work done offshore to insure our stringent accuracy standards are being met. Proven strategies such as 'key and verify' data entry can be used to increase accuracy as high as 99.9%.

Data entry operators cannot enter data that violates any of the business rules associated with a particular field. SecureOne also makes extensive use of table look-ups, formulas and error checking programs. A simple example of a table look-up is to use the zip code to verify and improve the accuracy of the city and state data.

Through the use of accuracy improving programming techniques and by hiring only the most accurate data entry operators, SecureOne regularly exceeds its 98% accuracy guarantee for single-key data entry. Although our guarantee is 98%, we know from verifying one quarter million fields per year that our actual accuracy rate is over 98.7%.

When projects demand higher levels of accuracy, and budgets allow, SecureOne can both key and verify data. This involves a second operator re-keying what the first operator has already keyed. When the second operator keys a different character from what the first operator keyed, the data entry software prevents further entry until the keystroke is confirmed. Any or all fields can be keyed and verified. Customers typically use “key and verify” for fields that are considered to be critical since this level of accuracy is double the cost of a “key only” field. The use of “key and verify” increases the SecureOne accuracy guarantee to 99.5% or better but, typically averaging closer to 99.9%.

In the data entry marketplace accuracy can be measured at the character or field level. A simple example to show the difference would be the data entry of a telephone number. If one number was incorrect, the character basis would calculate as 9 correct characters out of 10 or 90% accuracy. The field basis would calculate as 0 out of 1 fields correct or 0% accuracy. Field level accuracy is the more stringent standard and is the one used by SecureOne but some companies will quote character accuracy to make a higher accuracy claim.

The truth is most data entry companies do not go to the trouble of actually testing their own accuracy as this is a time consuming process that is non revenue generating and requires sophisticated programming. SecureOne is so focused with producing accurate data entry that our dedicated QC department performs a monthly quality verification of every data entry operator. We also “put our money where our mouth is” with a financial incentive to the most accurate operators.

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