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Document Scanning

Scanning is a cost effective solution for long term paper storage. Building an electronic file cabinet with properly indexed scanned documents offers greater flexibility and accessibility across Internet, Intranet and local area networks.

SecureOne and its Docucon subsidiary have experience with high volume scanning assignments including microfiche/microfilm conversion, aperture card conversion and documents such as accounting records, address lists, invoices, purchase orders, employee records, business forms, checks, surveys, insurance forms, patient charts, litigation and case files, lease agreements, import/export documentation, student records or tax forms.

SecureOne/Docucon utilizes the latest in scanning technologies with features such as the following:

  • OCR (optical character recognition)
  • Barcode recognition
  • De-skew
  • Simplex or duplex scanning
  • Image cropping
  • Image scaling
  • Image smoothing (remove bumps and spurs)
  • Black border removal
  • Punch hole filter (remove hole punches)
  • Halftone filter (remove a background)
  • Noise removal (random speckles from scanners
  • fax machines or copiers)
  • Blank page removal
  • Multi-page detection (insures an image for each document)

SecureOne/Docucon can create a virtually unlimited number of index fields to assist with post scan retrieval. Specially designed scanning software is utilized to increase the accuracy of the index fields. The software has numerous user defined parameters including the ability to restrict the field format (alpha, numeric, date, currency, etc.), require double key verification, require the index field to be unique, set the index field to required or optional, only allow values in a predefined validation table, set a minimum and/or maximum number of characters and auto increment counters.

SecureOne can export file formats that are compatible with most popular document imaging systems including Alchemy Data Grabber, ASCII Text, Docu-ROM/File TRAX Queue, DocuPACT, DTF to File NET, File Magic Plus, FileNET Panagon, ImageRIGHT, I-PRO 2000, Intellect 95, Keyfile, Kodak AWIS, Kodak IBS, Laserfiche, Lason Visions, Macrosoft, Metfile, Onbase, OptiImage, Optika, Optix, OTG, Paperclip, PaperFlow Data Group, PDF, PRODUCT4, PSI Digital Xpress Reports, Quantum Research, Saros, SMS Imaging, Summation Blaze and Watermark.

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With access to all these options, projects can be assigned based upon the specific capabilities of the production center and your needs. The combination of these resources gives SecureOne the ability to rapidly scale up for almost any size project, provide work on a 24/7 basis and offer multiple affordable processing options.
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