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SecureOne Outsource Solutions has come a long way in the last 38 years.

The recently renamed SecureOne Outsource Solutions (SecureOne) is the result of the combination of six separate companies. Cal Coast Data Entry, McDonald Data Services and Data Preparation International trace their inception back to the 1970’s. Data Center of Arizona and Data Center de Nogales began in 1992 and 2003, respectively. The most recent addition to the SecureOne family of companies is Docucon Imaging Services, a twenty plus year old San Antonio based service provider specializing in the conversion of paper, microfilm/fiche and aperture cards to digital images.

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SecureOne has extensive experience with
high-security applications.

SecureOne has extensive experience with high-security applications involving cash, checks and other sensitive personal information such as medical records, bank account information and social security numbers. SecureOne is ISO 17799 certified and is PCI compliant with Visa and MasterCard. ISO 17799 (replaced by ISO 27001) is a rigorous standard for physical security, data security and security policies and depending on the project, SecureOne has the following security precautions available:

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SecureOne designs quality into the data entry process by rigorously defining the business rules for each field in a record.

We make use of programming techniques such as field and file edits. Our USA operators randomly verify work done offshore to insure our stringent accuracy standards are being met. Proven strategies such as ‘key and verify’ data entry can be used to increase accuracy as high as 99.9%.

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Working with SecureOne

SecureOne believes in well thought out, time tested and consistent processes that lead to the desired results without creating layers of work for our customers. All you have to do is tell us about your project and be available to answer some questions and provide feedback.

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SecureOne Outsource Solutions Prior Projects

Over the past thirty eight years SecureOne Outsource Solutions has proudly cultivated a diverse base of loyal customers with an ever-growing need for our extensive experience in providing the highest quality, ultra-secure transaction processing. No doubt, we’ve already completed projects just like the one that’s on your mind right now.

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What are our customers saying?

With every company telling you their service is “the best”, isn’t it difficult to tell who is really telling the truth? Would it help if you could get feedback from hundreds of their customers? SecureOne Outsource Solutions was so confident in the quality of our service that we asked our customers what they thought…and the answers speak for themselves!

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What questions should I ask when choosing a vendor?

Choosing a vendor can be a daunting process if you don’t know what questions to ask. To make an informed decision be sure to investigate:

  • Does the vendor have the size and resources available to handle my project?
  • Does the vendor have experience doing what my project requires?
  • Is the vendor able to meet my accuracy requirements?
  • Can the vendor meet the required turnaround times?
  • Will the security be appropriate to protect my documents and data?
  • How long has the vendor been in business?
  • How much will it cost?

Should I use USA or offshore labor?

Deciding when to use domestic or offshore labor is no different than looking at any project and selecting the best tool for the job. A tool works best when it is employed for the purpose it was designed. Utilizing a tool for a job for which it was not designed typically requires a trade off. In business process outsourcing (BPO) the four primary dimensions on which decisions are made are cost, accuracy, turnaround and complexity.

Cost – Labor costs are significantly less offshore. To utilize offshore labor there is a cost to send physical documents or a cost to create and send electronic images. The cost to send physical documents to Mexico is relatively modest. Sending physical documents also avoids issues with documents that can’t be easily scanned such as multiple documents stapled together, very small paper sizes or difficult paper stock (slick thermal paper from register receipts and tissue like paper from multi-part forms). However, the cost to send physical documents to other places in the world is prohibitive so the preferred method is transaction processing from scanned images. The more information to be data entered on a document the less relative cost incurred for scanning and the greater the cost advantage of offshore data entry labor.

Accuracy – USA labor will have greater accuracy with handwritten documents where a large number of comment fields are present. American workers have better English comprehension and have a better chance of deciphering poor handwriting. Depending on the degree of illegibility, this advantage can be greatly offset by utilizing the key and verify methodology in an offshore situation. Offshore labor is an excellent option for typed documents or legible handwritten forms such as when an individual designated space (constrained box) is present for each letter or number. Potential inconsistencies in the source documents can affect the legibility of the scanned image and negatively impact accuracy rates. Inconsistencies could include a variety of ink colors, pencils leads and highlighters; paper colors that do not provide proper contrast to the typed or written data or paper that has been folded over a data entry field.

Turnaround – For ongoing projects, similar turnaround times are available for both USA and offshore labor. For large volumes or a very short duration turnaround, the large number of operators available creates an advantage for offshore labor. Language and time zone issues can lengthen the time to set up a new offshore project. For one-time projects it often takes less time to communicate the requirements and set up a new project using USA labor.

Complexity – It is much easier to communicate a complex set up or frequent changes to a USA vendor due to the absence of language or time zone considerations. It is also easier to communicate with and train USA operators when judgments are required as part of the transaction process. SecureOne has overcome many of these issues and seen excellent results with complex projects at our Nogales facility. The easy access of USA based SecureOne management to spend time in the facility training operators and communicating customer expectations has been the key reason for this success.

The offshore BPO marketplace contains thousands of companies, most lacking experience and producing work of inconsistent or unacceptable quality. SecureOne has used its 30 plus years of experience to select a very limited number of qualified offshore partners and projects are assigned based upon the specific capabilities of each partner. Although SecureOne has chosen to work with a small number of offshore facilities, the capacity of these partners is huge, with over 3000 operators. If cost, accuracy, turnaround and complexity are all important, choose SecureOne and get all four?

SecureOne has experience helping to determine which tool is right for the job and we have many different tools available for you to choose from. A project review will help you determine which specific resources are optimal for your project needs and also what cost tradeoffs and benefits will result. Your SecureOne account executive is available to help you in this analysis at no cost to you, so call today.

How much will it cost?

In simple terms, pricing is a function of the labor required to complete the task. Every project is different which is why we take the time to understand your project and expectations.

Here are some generalities that can be made about pricing:

  • Offshore labor is significantly less expensive than USA based labor.
  • The complexity and judgment required in the transaction will affect the skill level and labor rate of the outsourced employee.
  • Document preparation is generally a low skill task. However, clerical activities such as opening envelopes, removing staples, unfolding, sorting multiple forms and turning all documents in the same direction add to the cost of the project.
  • Data entry pricing is a function of the number of keystrokes and the number and type of fields to be entered.
  • The ease or difficulty in locating information affects the speed of transaction processing. Therefore, standardized forms will cost less than unstructured documents (such as property records) where the necessary information is not always in the same location.
  • The easier the data is to read the faster and more accurately it can be processed. This means type written data has an advantage over something handwritten particularly if the handwritten information is sloppy or illegible.
  • Higher volumes and ongoing projects receive a discount.

SecureOne’s goal is to provide you with a written proposal and price quote within 24 hours or less. Contact us today to get started!

Why should I choose SecureOne Outsource Solutions?

We have over 38 years experience across a breadth of services, industries and types of transactions. SecureOne can meet your accuracy, security and turnaround requirements and our process makes your involvement as simple as possible. Further, with labor options around the globe – we can handle any size project and offer pricing that allows you to realize significant cost savings.

Please contact us today so you can join our long list of satisfied customers.

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