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Letter Shop

With SecureOne, you can use the same partner for the printing, mailing and invoicing aspects of your project. Our experienced programming staff can create a customized letter or invoicing program to meet any of your needs.

Since adding letter shop capabilities over 20 years ago, our production volume has grown to over a quarter of a million letters per month for numerous customers. We have an extensive variety of mailing and fulfillment services to meet our customer’s needs. We use meter imprints, postage indicia, or postage stamps to process our customer’s mailing first class, first class presorts, priority mail, bulk rate, carrier route, nonprofit rate, or any postal rate that conforms to USPS regulations. Our use of Postalsoft™ mailing software ensures the best possible rates for your selected mailing method while adhering to current USPS standards. In addition, we offer CASS certification, NCOA, zip+4 conversion, merge/purge, postal presort, case conversion, as well as labeling, stamping, and metering.

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We have the equipment available to handle a full spectrum of direct mail packages. Multiple mail components can be inserted into a variety of envelope sizes mechanically, before being sealed and metered, in-line or off-line. Printed matter that is too large, thick, delicate, or complicated to be mechanically assembled is inserted by hand into envelopes, boxes or bags.
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